#INBOUND15: Seth Godin keynote

Photo from Hubspot

Photo from Hubspot

One year ago, I hardly knew what the term “content marketing” meant. One year later, that term is not only in my job title, but it has also become one of my greatest interests. I love what I get to do everyday.

I’ve also drank the “Hubspot Kool-Aid” and really enjoy my content marketing platform. That’s just one of the reasons why I’m so excited to be at INBOUND in Boston, MA for this first time this year!

One of other reasons I’m excited for INBOUND is the great lineup of speakers. There’s Brené Brown of course (insert fangirling here) but she’s in great company with a variety of different keynotes.

It seemed only appropriate that marketing guru Seth Godin kicked off the event. Here are some of the things I scribbled down in my notebook during his talk:

  • Harley Davidson made a group of people go from outsiders to insiders because of shared experience.
  • No one is giving you more authority but it’s your choice to take on more responsibility.
  • In our Internet economy, these are important questions:
    • Can you be trusted?
    • Do you connect?
    • Do you do work that matters?
  • Only a fool refuses work that isn’t guaranteed to be successful.
  • The less reassurance we get, the more important the work is.
  • Quality: good at what it’s supposed to be good at. For example, Shake Shack didn’t become a billion-dollar business while trying to be McDonald’s. It’s good at being a restaurant that some people won’t line up for… but many people will! How do we choose to matter?seth_godin2
  • “Writer’s block” isn’t real! This term wasn’t introduced until the 1940s when writing became a profession.
  • The story we are telling ourselves about our competence or incompetence is made up by us!
  • Our job is to change from “it’s always been that way” to “sure, let’s try that!”?
  • “I’m not sure what the question is but the answer is yes.”

If all of those nuggets are from one talk, I can hardly wait to see what the rest of INBOUND holds! Good night Boston!

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